Pepsi Florida Relay Teams Help Transient Business

The Pepsi Florida Relays are an annual collegiate track and field event hosted by the University Athletic Association. Demand for rooms at The Holiday Inn University Center are always at a peak during this weekend, which is typically held the last weekend in March.

Once again, the hotel’s location makes it the most desirable accommodation in Gainesville, Florida, to traveling teams since many of the athletes have a lot of down time over the weekend and are able to walk to and from the event site at their own leisure. Hotel rates for traveling teams are highly competitive within the comp set as most hotels quickly fill with teams as early as the prior Fall.

This year, both the Pepsi Florida Relays and the Orange and Blue Debut occurred on the same weekend, April 6-7, 2012, which also happened to be the Easter holiday weekend – typically a very slow weekend for hotel sales. With the track teams filling guest rooms Thursday and Friday nights, and the transient business related to the Orange and Blue Debut on Saturday night, the hotel experienced an extremely successful weekend.


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