“Safety Starts with Me” at the Holiday Inn University Center

Joe and Safety Starts

Joseph Scannella, Guest Service Manager of the Holiday Inn, is part of the Safety Committee and supports “Safety Starts with Me”. He and the rest of the Safety Committee are committed to providing training for all employees. It is our responsibility as Managers to share information with our co-workers, family and friends.

 The hotel plans to host an employee luncheon next month and incorporate safety games with prizes to engage employees to actively participate and become a part of safety awareness.  Dana Dilley, Property Administrator of the Holiday Inn, has gone above and beyond to provide Safety Poster’s and tips for the Employee Heart of House area delivering important information to all hotel team members.

 According to the Kimberly Cason, General Manager of the Holiday Inn, the hotel is planning an Emergency Preparedness drill for all employees.  The hotel continues to provide monthly 10 minute safety trainers for all departments and the Safety Committee meet quarterly to discuss improvements, opportunities and training ideas to share with co-workers. By being consistent the hotel has established a culture where a safe environment is Key to Success.

 As a recent recipient of the Inter Continental 2012 Global Safety Award, the hotel is on the right path to continue to provide a safe environment for employee’s and guests.

 An estimated 6 million lives have been saved over the past century due to the efforts of the safety movement. The Holiday Inn University Center will be making a pledge to the National Safety Council, as they continuously work to improve and progress in their safety efforts for the hotel. Together we can help make a difference.


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