Got the Moving Day Blues?

Classes start at University of Florida again very soon and we know this is a big time of transition for many individuals and families. For some college students, it may be their first time living on their own and coming straight from mom and dad’s, or for some, it could be moving from one dorm to the next or from an apartment to a dorm or vice versa. Sometimes, wires get crossed and there’s a gap between the two and you may be stuck without a place to stay.

That’s why we are here to help at the Holiday Inn University Center. With our prime location directly across the street from campus, our hotel has amenities such as a full service restaurant (opening within a couple of weeks), free continental breakfast daily in the lobby, free parking, 24-hour laundry facilities, free wi-fi internet, 24-hour fitness center, and is also located within walking distance of many other Gainesville eateries.

Give us a call at 352-376-1661 and let us help you out with the Home Sweet Home rate to get you through to the next lease!


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