Please Pardon Our Dust…



Dear Guest(s):


Thank you so very much for the opportunity to host you.  Whether here for business, pleasure, or the University, we’re delighted to have you as our guest(s)!

Presently we are in the process of a significant upgrade to our roof.  There will be construction workers visible throughout the day for the next three to four weeks.  As there will be materials being transported to the rooftop, you may encounter some of these workers on the guest elevators as well as in the parking lot.  In most instances, those workers will be accompanied by someone from the hotel team-  i.e. a bellperson or someone from our management team.

Unfortunately there will be some level of sound that maybe unpleasant however, we will control the actual start time of the project so that it commences after 9:00 am and end at sun down.  Secondly, we will attempt to minimize that sound as much as possible and respond to any concern.

If for any reason, there is any level of discomfort on your part, please do not hesitate in speaking with any member of my team.  Thank you so very much for the opportunity to serve you.  Have a wonderful day and in case I miss chatting with you personally, have a wonderful holiday season…

Warmest regards,


Odyssey Leach, CHA

General Manager

Holiday Inn Gainesville University Center


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