Keeping the Spirit of Innovation Alive


Take a moment and look back in time. A time where deadlines didn’t matter and day-long meetings were completely unbeknownst to you. Empty spaces could easily be filled with wild wonderlands of mystical creatures and faraway lands simply by using your mind.

Imagination – do we lose our ability to daydream as we get older? Maybe that little filament loses its spark and dims as we age, but does it have to fizzle and fade away? Perhaps we can light a fire that burns from endless embers, ready to burst into flame with a flash of light from a metaphorical bulb hovering above your head. Poof! An idea is born.

cademuseumMarch’s Holiday Inn Gives Back Charity is the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention, where children learn to explore the ambitions that lead to great inventions. We’ll be donating a portion of group sales proceeds this month towards this organization, because great ideas don’t spring from stagnant minds.

Like the best museums, the Cade Museum provides great experiences with interactive learning, programs, and opportunities to grow into creative potential. Their classes, programs, and exhibits are designed to engage visitors in “purposeful creativity,” the kind that leads to great inventions, new businesses and things that change the world.

Programs include their Creativity Lab, which focuses on the “who,” not just the “what” and “why” of technology and new concepts. In the Lab, students learn to think creatively like inventors by using their own imaginations, with a combination of human history and the arts. They also offer a variety of special programs and camps to get the gears of ingenuity turning.

Keep the spirit of creativity alive!

When you book a room block and/or any of our meeting space during the month of March 2016, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the Cade Museum.

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